Property Damage FAQs

Q. My car is wrecked, what am I going to do?
Steps to Take to Resolve your Property Damage Issues:
1. If the at fault insurance company has accepted liability:
A. Get at least two (2) estimates for the damage to the vehicle.
B. Make arrangements for the car to be inspected by the at-fault insurance company.
C. Find a body shop, of your choice, to fix your vehicle.
D. Make an appointment to drop off car and get a rental car.

2. If the at-fault insurance company has NOT accepted liability:
A. If the car is driveable or not, you need to go through your own insurance carrier to get your car fixed as well as obtain a rental car you have full coverage insurance. You WILL be liable for your own deductible until the other insurance company accepts liability.
B. If you have only liability insurance on your vehicle and a rental car is needed, you need to pay and keep your receipts with hopes of future reimbursement from the alleged at-fault insurance company.

3. If the car has been towed, you should pay to have the car released from impound or storage yard and pay the tow bill to minimize possible storage fees. This will more than likely be reimbursed from the at-fault insurance company once liability has been accepted.

4. If the at-fault person does not have insurance and you have liability only without uninsured motorists coverage on your policy, your car will not be fixed by any insurance company.

5. If the liability has been denied and your case had to go to court, you will have to wait to have your car repaired unless you have full coverage insurance. This process can be very lengthy.

6. When getting a rental car:
A. The insurance company is liable to pay for the rental vehicle ONLY, you are responsible for the insurance on the rental car unless your own automobile insurance will cover the rental car.
B. If you have liability insurance only, you will have to pay between $15 and $20 daily to upgrade your insurance to full coverage.
C. If you have no insurance, you will have to pay approximately $25-30 daily for the insurance.